Billing Brook School

Celebrating Differences



Hi, I’m Fred Claridge from Let’s All Create. I have the pleasure of teaching music one day a week at Billing Brook School, Northampton. We were given a challenge by Nikki Kennedy Head of Autism, to create a song and video to show what we are all about here at Billing Brook School to celebrate Autism Awareness Week.

We started with both the students and staff writing a series of poems, lyrics and thoughts about what they do and why they do it. This was such an important part of the process and I think it was a great opportunity for everyone to take time to reflect and appreciate what has been achieved in the school. I then had the enjoyable task along with a number of key members of staff of turning these words into our song ‘We Take Pride In What We Do’.

It was then time for the most important part of the project: getting the amazing students involved in the recording. After spending lots of time singing and playing through the song we began filming this, along with other activities the students were involved in. As you can see from the video we had lots of fun making it! The students were true professionals. Coming into the music room with all the recording equipment set up did not phase them. They sang, signed, played and danced beautifully to the song, coming up with ideas and choosing what they thought was needed to make it into a hit!

I am delighted to have been able to oversee this project and I hope it can help to give a voice to these incredibly talented young people and all the dedicated staff who work with them on a day-to-day basis.