Billing Brook School

Curriculum Framework

        Key Stages 1-4

The curriculum in Key Stages 1-4 is built around 6 areas of learning:

     Communication                     Thinking Skills                 The World Around Us 

    Health and Body       Creativity and Expressive Arts      Myself & My Community

Individual subjects are grouped into one of the 6 areas to reflect the overlaps between them. Aspects of thinking skills, health and body and communication are interwoven into all subjects. Teachers from each department work together to develop the area of leaning so as to ensure consistency across the school. 

Subjects generally follow a two year programme. We deliver our curriculum in a varied way to ensure pupils remember, make links, make predictions, plan ,think creatively, problem solve, show understanding and evaluate their own learning.

Pupils re-visit aspects of learning and topics to further develop their skills and understanding. This supports progression, embeds learning through repetition and helps pupils to apply their skills in different situations which is crucial for all of our pupils.  

To see how the 6 areas are linked to individual subjects please click on the link below.

                               Key Stages 1-4 Curriculum Overview